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Name NBA 2019 Indiana @ Memphis 02/12/2019 | 1080p Setanta Ru/En
Sports: Basketball
Date / Year of release: 02/12/2019
Comment Language: Russian / English
Commentator: S. Cherkasov

Description: December 03, 2019, Tuesday. 04:00 Moscow time
Stadium: FedExForum (Memphis, USA), 11 919 spectators (60% with a capacity of 19 800)
Memphis Grizzlies (Memphis) - Indiana Pacers (Indianapolis)
Judges: Ken Mauer, Karl Lane, Jonathan Sterling

Memphis is very good in individual matches - this is especially true for fights for fast teams preaching attacking basketball, which a priori allows any team to score a lot of points. Given that the main young star of the team, Ja Morant, is most useful in high-speed play, the “bears” began to play in this style - that is why “riding” games have become common now: the truth is, the Memphis rivals also have more conditions for productive basketball .

However, when the “bears” play against pragmatic teams for which it is not alien to play slow defensive basketball, Memphis has problems: leaders, as already mentioned, are most effective in fast play, and at a low pace their usefulness decreases sharply: yes , Maybe then it will be different, but right now this problem is more relevant than ever. And since Indiana belongs to the category of such uncomfortable teams, that is, there is every reason to assume that the “bears” will have very big problems.

While Victor Oladipo, who is the main star of the current Pacers, continues to recover from a serious injury and is gaining physical condition, Indiana plays as a team as possible - the leadership is very competent in selecting artists: everyone should fit the game model.

All Indiana players are very versatile - they are not very good as stars in attack, but they can give their team the necessary points and assists, but at the same time, Pacers basketball players are very useful when playing on the defensive. The factor of the ability to play in defense, perhaps, will become decisive in identifying the winner in the upcoming meeting.

Memphis may have very serious problems - even if Morant takes part in the match, it’s far from the fact that he will be able to play at his usual level: Indiana can play defense and, accordingly, “turn off” talented but while not very stable players of the opposing team. Most likely, throughout the meeting Indiana will dominate in both halves of the venue - the guests are simply more organized and have more experience.

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