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Description Insane Home Fat Loss is an effective workout program created by Mike Chang to help people lose weight ? and a lot of it ? in the comfort of their home. Insane Home Fat Loss is effective because of a number of factors. The workouts in the program are quick and convenient. Many only take around 20 minutes, so they are very convenient even for those who live the busiest of lifestyles. In addition, these workouts do not require any fitness equipment except simply a towel.

The workouts in Insane Home Fat Loss are simple exercises that are easy to learn. They include simple but effective bodyweight exercises, so time won?t be wasted in learning these elaborate fitness routines. In addition, Insane Home Fat Loss is designed for customers to make pushing themselves easy. With the help of Mike Chang?s steady coaching and motivation through every exercise, people will want to push themselves harder than they ever have and receive the best 20-minute workout possible.

Insane Home Fat Loss has workout videos that are entertaining, action-packed and fun. There are no boring eBooks or instructional videos that put people to sleep. Instead, people will be doing fast-paced workouts along with Mike Chang and his friends ? it will never get boring!

Mike Chang is a trusted workout trainer. With almost 1 million subscribers on his YouTube account and 65,000 Facebook fans, Chang has a legion of fans behind him who are grateful to how his expertise and passion for fitness has changed their lives.

Each workout contains 8-10 bodyweight exercises that are created for maximum impact. There is no need to waste hours at the gym, and the videos in the program can be downloaded or streamed for universal access!

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Mike Chang is an ISSA certified trainer who created the following programs: Six Pack Shortcuts, Insane Home Fat Loss and Monster Mass.
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