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Name Official MLB World Series Film Collection 20xDVD5
Description The Official Major League Baseball World Series Film Collection

xRelease Year : 2009
Sport : Baseball
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The Official MLB World Series Film Collection is an impressive 20-disc set that includes Official Highlights of the World Series from 1943 to 2008. The films themselves (the early ones in black and white and up to half an hour long, the later ones over an hour long) are the Game's time capsules, capturing many of the game's greatest players, greatest teams, and greatest moments: the city's New York City Yankee-Dodger Derby- The Giants, the period when the St. Louis Cardinals were the Gasworks Gang, catching Willie Mays and Don Larsen's perfect game, dramatic home runs by Bill Matheroski and Kirk Gibson, Mets miracles, the Cincinnati Big Red Car and the Red Sox overcoming the curse. All these stories are packaged in an attractive book that, in addition to disks, contains facts, descriptions of the Autumn Classics since 1903, a list of all the winners, a foreword by Bob Costas, and two empty slots for future films. This is a great gift for any serious baseball fan. --David Horiuchi

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