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Name Eurocup 2019 Group stage Group C 2nd round | UNICS (Kazan, Russia) vs Cedevita Olympia (Slovenia) 09/09/2019 | 1080p Match TV Ru
Description Description: October 09, 2019, Wednesday. 19:00 Moscow time
Stadium: Basketball Hall (Kazan, Russia), 3,426 spectators (49% with a capacity of 7,000)
Eurocup 2019-2020. Group stage. Group C. 2nd round.
UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - Cedevita Olympia (Slovenia)
Judges: Boris Ryzhik (Kiev, Ukraine), Tomasz Travicki (Poland), Arturas Shukis (Lithuania)

Last week, Kazan played two matches - in the Eurocup and VTB United League. They lost nine points in Italy in Brescia, while in the renewed Astana, on the contrary, they won nine points in Kazan. Despite the opposite results, these two games have a lot in common: in the first place, they look like inefficiency in the attack of Kazan newcomers and Kazan “big” players, but in the case of Alex Tys, this, alas, coincides.

Well, the usefulness of the starting line-up basketball players Tys, Mantsaris and Paulson is very low - this can be attributed to insufficient teamwork. Another thing is surprising: Raimar Morgan did not appear in the Kazan team yesterday, but he is so far one of the most ineffective UNICS players, along with Klimenko (large), Uzinsky (newcomer) and Likhodey (we will assume that the newcomer).

15 losses of Kazan in a meeting with “Astana” - this is even more than in the match with “Brescia”. It’s only three that are useful for the team - McCollum, Smith and Kolesnikov. UNICS managed to defeat Kazakhstanis only due to the huge advantage on the shields - Kazan took 42 rebounds against 27 from the opponent. Everything else, for example, assistants, is so far bad - for a long time the team of Priptis did not look so dull at the start of the season.

Slovenes have already played four games in the Adriatic League, three of which have won. The start of the Euro Cup was less successful for Olimpia - in their team in Ljubljana the team lost to the Turkish Darushshafak. What is curious, in this match, there was also a defeat on the shields: the Turks threw from behind the arc as many as 37 times in 40 minutes, only 13 were hit, but this does not matter - after the misses they all picked up. On another shield, Darushshafaka took 17 rebounds, and a total of 48! Olimpia, for comparison, has 31 rebounds, on someone else’s shield - seven.

Kazan will certainly need to take advantage of this Olympia weakness. Despite such a failure on the shields, the Slovenian team fought and eventually lost only six points, because there is someone to score in it. Marco Simonovich and Cody Miller-MacIntyre are well acquainted with us - they are the ones who are currently running the Olympia.

In the 15/16 season of the European Cup, these teams played two matches at the Last-32 stage, and there was one. Both won Kazan.

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