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Name 2021 11 03 Memphis Grizzlies vs Denver Nuggets [Amazon WEB-DL] 1080p 60fps
If you wish to complain about how long it takes to seed a file through or that commercial breaks are not removed or that an inferior quality product is not provided. Please do not download. This is not for you.  I only have a 20mb upload speed and I am not going to pay more money to increase this speed.

As far as I am aware, I am only the one who releases these games from Amazon and I do it in my own time for the betterment of everyone.

For me to release just one video it is not as simple as downloading a file, I have do decrypt the file with the KID that I need to search for and then merge the files after they have been decrypted.

I have a life outside of uploading videos and I am not going to waste my time removing commercials for you. The only reason commercials are removed from other LP uploads, is because NBA removes them later on.

I am also not going to upload any inferior broadcasts. I will only upload the highest quality feeds I can get. Most of the time, the access I have is better quality than Cable TV in the USA who broadcast in MPEG 2 for most channels or a lower quality h264 AVC codec.

I have access to the following:
- HULU Live TV (6mbs) 720p
- FUBO TV (7mbps) 720p
- SPORTSNET Canada  7MBPS (1080p)
- Kayo Australia (7MBPS) 1080p 50fps
- AMAZON LP (11.4mbps)

If you want instant access, buy the product. If you want me to continue to upload these broadcasts - let me know. I will not be removing commercials.

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